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Propel the growth of your company with Arbix.

Arbix is the management software par excellence for landscaping and lawn care companies. Arbix allows you to increase not only sales and the efficiency of your operations, but also the quality of your customer service. Propel your company far ahead of the competition.

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
    Manage your business efficiently no matter where you are. Arbix is compatible with any device (laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.)

  • Incomparable customer service
    Arbix makes your follow-ups, billing and online transactions easier.

  • Effective operations
    Manage the use of your resources and calculate your production costs in real-time.

  • More sales, more renewals
    Plan your follow-ups and contact clients at the right time with personalised offers.

  • Easy to use
    A well-designed and intuitive interface, as well as quick buttons, make using Arbix very simple.

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A multitude of features to simplify your life.

Arbix is fully equipped with practical tools to manage each aspect of your business. We listen to our users and regularly integrate new features which make Arbix the best option for exterior service companies.

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Make communication easy

Arbix supports emailing between you and your customers. Send your quotes, bills, receipts and surveys. It also automates your follow-ups and call-backs.

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Manage your resources

Effectively plan the use of each resource (tools, trucks, employees) and avoid scheduling conflicts for both tools and human resources.

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Calculate your operating costs

Determine the actual cost of each work carried out. You will be able to adjust your estimates more precisely.

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Track your client records

Quickly access the history of services rendered, quotes, pictures of past works, notes and contact information for each client.

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Manage your partnership agreements

Establish your commission agreements (recurring, temporary, progressive) with complimentary service companies and let Arbix calculate the commissions upon completion of works.

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Well-targeted special offers

Sort your clients with our report-generating tools and send special offers targeted by region or offer complimentary services based on services rendered.

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Track your teams

Track your teams and their status on the road in real-time thanks to our GPS tools.

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Increase your cashflow

Collect partial payments while renewing with our pre-payment option and receive payment-in-full upon completing works thanks to our online payment option, included in the billing.

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Land the biggest contracts

Be faster, more organised and productive, as well as present a more professional brand than your competitors. Your future clients will trust your company, especially when it comes to the biggest contracts.

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Be green and save!

Save on postal, paper and printing costs by sending your quotes, bills, payment requests and surveys by email.

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Improve your services

Receive instant feedback on the quality of services rendered by automatically sending a customer satisfaction survey as soon as your technicians leave the premises.

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Improve your renewal rate

Program your follow-ups and make renewals easy thanks to our complete client records (notes, layout plans, history of services, pictures of works, complimentary service recommendations, etc.)

Arbix was designed and conceived for companies that carry out exterior-work services in the following sectors:

  • Arboriculture

  • Horticulture

  • Landscaping

  • Grounds Maintenance

  • Lawn mowing

  • Lawn Maintenance

Explore Arbix in action!

Watch and learn how Arbix can help you better manage your business. An Arbix specialist will contact you for an online demo which lasts only a few minutes..

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« Arbix greatly simplified our customer service and makes information available in real-time. »

“Having access to the client’s complete history in one click makes everything easier, especially accessing and searching for information, as well as following up with clients. “
– Sarah-Ann – Arboretum Experts

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